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How to Get More Views on YouTube: 10 Tips to Try Today

by October 20, 2023 0
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With the video world taking over, any content marketer seeking success in today’s marketplace should strive to get as many viewers as possible on YouTube, close if not at the top of their to-do list.

Before you say it, allow me to address the elephant in the room: Views on YouTube don’t pay the bills. Feeling reluctant about investing your scarce time and resources in a channel yielding direct ROI? You aren’t alone! Marketers, who are under pressure to achieve immediate results, turn their back to YouTube. Opting to pump all available resources into paid search and paid social instead.

Honestly, I share in their pains. But we need to acknowledge a hard truth: In the long run you cannot continuously meet your targets without having sufficient top–of–funnel prospects. Build brand affinity by creating content that educates people about your business.

Following are the tips that will help you to get more views on YouTube.

Tips That Will Help You to Get More Views on YouTube

Produce Unique, High-quality Material

Yup. This is it. Firstly, this is the number one secret when it comes to increasing YouTube views. Make good content. Create what no one is creating, and make it valuable.

For that, it has been my first principle and thus top tip. There are endless sinister tricks for increasing one’s YouTube views, and these are not so difficult to discover. However, if any of you folks would consider such a thing, please be aware that it is very important to me right from the start. Using a summary generator will help you easily summarise and provide informative content on your YouTube channel. This has some advantages such as time, training, and professional growth savings.

If you wish to be successful on YouTube, make the videos your intended audience will desire and watch until the end. It is simply a matter of value. In Content Marketing there is no excuse if you are not going to deliver value to your audience. It’s that simple.

Don’t Think in Single Units – Think in Series

Most YouTube content providers group their videos into playlists. Why is that?

The explanation is simple: Whenever you click on a video inside a playlist. The remaining video in that very list begins playing immediately after the first one finishes. Thereby, it means that a person watching can watch some related videos without any movement. Naturally, YouTube is delighted by this since it translates to more earnings from advertising. However, it should also be pleasant for you because it implies higher involvement and a large audience viewing the videos.

Surely it is clear that it does not make sense for anyone to create some kind of mishmash out of numerous arbitrary videos in one big playlist! However, coming up with a channel idea for a series on YouTube could be better than thinking of it in terms of separate videos. Therefore, with time when you make more content, it is easy to order your videos into meaningful playlists. This will ensure your audience is presented with smooth watching, while you get more views. Win-win!

Get Familiar with YouTube SEO

Get familiar with YouTube SEO

As I said: YouTube is a search engine. Like any other search engine in the world, YouTube is based on a few ranking signals to arrange its search results. To get more views on YouTube it is important to understand YouTube SEO and the primary ranking signals – how to be in their good books.

First things first: You need keywords. We cannot optimize anything without target keywords. After having generated a list of topics that you wish to discuss, type them out – one after the other- into the YouTube search box. Likewise, YouTube would bring up some search options. All of these hints can be found in real users’ queries for YouTube. All the mentioned make great candidates for target word!

Connect with Other Content Creators

Do not assume that just because you two are pursuing the same target audience means that there is room for hostility in your relationship as a content creator. On the contrary, please embrace it and develop a symbiotic relationship where mutual benefit is derived! It’s crucial, however, to always remember that the overall objective entails making good videos for viewers and increasing a base group of people at the top of the funnel. As regards me, this fact does not undermine your ability to achieve that objective in any way since there exists a rival.

Therefore, how do you generate more YouTube views when you establish symbiosis with another content creator that targets the same market? Simple: This is one where you make something. For instance, if you guest starred in somebody else’s video, you would attract other viewers to your brand who might never become aware of it otherwise. On the other hand, promoting the video has the side effect of directing more visitors to your competitor’s site. At the same time, there is an excellent video for the YouTube user. In this scenario, everybody wins!

Use Cards and End Screens

Viewer engagement can be determined through watch time. Mostly, as people go further into your YouTube clip, they show greater interest in what you have to say about it. Moreover, if a person keeps coming back for more in terms of your content, they are probably willing to watch additional videos belonging to you. Cards And End Screens, The Fifth Tactic To Increase YouTube Views.

Create a Blog Post for Every Single Episode

Assuming you have already included blogging in your content marketing, why don’t you create a blog post for each one of your YouTube videos? This will certainly entail extra work, in terms of expense, however, it exceeds its consequences exponentially. It presents a simple method of directing traffic from your site visitors to your YouTube videos hence attracting more views. In addition, a video has an excellent chance to make the UX good for this kind of people and it is better if there is one added in here. To boot, it takes very little extra effort to prepare yourself for writing another script, if you are to write it as soon as you have settled down!

Tag Your Video’s Description with Time Stamps

Users who hope to find what they need do not rely solely on the YouTube search bar alone. They usually encounter a YouTube video thanks to Google. This is not so unexpected since a lot of queries produce video answers in search.

In September 2019, Google announced they’d connect searchers more efficiently with specific times in the online video clips by putting a link to these moments straight on the SERP. When you write a description of your video, make sure you put in the timestamp therein; it shall help Google to denote vital scenes, guiding viewers to the direction preferred by them.

If you do not want to miss out on potential viewers with little time, there is no better option than incorporating timestamp specifications in your YouTube video description. User experiences can hardly be more powerful than stellar ones; thus, it’s comparatively an easy way of pleasing potential clients.

Spread the Word Through the Media

No big surprises – sometimes it is the simplest method that works best. Promoting your new content to be watched on YouTube is a vital step that helps one to get many views.

Here’s the problem: This is the only thing we do! There is a question; does everyone know of YouTube SEO? Not every person would like to team up with the competition. People are less concerned about making the real quality of content.

Everybody shares their videos through social media. That is why it is necessary to be inventive in your approach. We have found three ways through which an individual can remain outstanding in a social media setting.

Don’t Skimp on Your Thumbnails

While others may try to find you themselves. Eventually, they will find it through your website and other social channels. Your films might be forwarded to some people by their friends too.

Some people may bump into your YouTube videos while randomly surfing on the web portal looking for something interesting to view. Without enticing thumbnail images that attract your prospects, the views will not be as much as you want them to be. So, for just a moment, we will describe how to make a good YouTube thumbnail.

YouTube your target keyword before shooting your next vid and see what else has already been used by others in thumbnails. Any business person knows that if you don’t know what you are facing before breaking a record, then you will end up standing amongst the crowd. Nevertheless, the greatest rule of YouTube thumbnails states that your picture should be an authentic reflection of your video’s content. Do not use your thumbnail to lie and take advantage of user curiosity when clickbait. It’s against the law! Eventually, this leads to low rankings due to low watch times.

Think Hard About Your Titles

Choosing an appropriate title for your YouTube video also demands adequate thought, just as much as selecting a fitting thumbnail. While it is immoral (if not downright harmful), your title should be attention-grabbing. All those discovery-minded users? For example, people looking for things to watch on YouTube. Your title better grab their eyes and compel action or they will never stop scrolling further than you.


I do not anticipate that anybody will implement all these tips we have stated in this guide. One YouTube creator’s success does not guarantee equal results for another. However, that might work just fine as a way for me to increase my YouTube viewership while you might be better off by enhancing your thumbnails or liaising with other channels. It varies according to your individual needs.

That’s merely one insight I would want all of you to internalize and it revolves around producing value for audiences! Will producing exclusive, premium-quality content always generate thousands of visitors per month? But that does not mean it leads to success—you are supposed to do other things as well.