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10 Best YouTube Channels To Learn English For Japanese Students

by May 27, 2024 0
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YouTube Channels To Learn English For Japanese Students – Did you know that only 22% of Japanese adults feel confident in their English communication skills? Or that nearly 70% of Japanese companies struggle to find employees with adequate English proficiency?

If you’re looking to stand out in a competitive job industry or connect with the global community, English fluency is a must.

The good news is, that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on language courses or textbooks to achieve fluency. Youtube is a platform for everything. It’s just making a lot of stuff easier than ever. Back in 2012, nobody even think that they could gain any skill A to Z by watching YouTube videos. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 YouTube channels that are really helpful for Japanese students to learn English.

Let’s dig into it…


Best Youtube Channels To Learn English For Japanese Students

Here’s a comprehensive look at 10 YouTube channels that are perfect for native Japanese speakers looking to learn English:

1. Learn Japanese with Misa:

Learn Japanese with Misa

Misa hails from Japan and is a Japanese by birth who is familiar with the particularities of the challenges that are associated with learning English. A native Japanese speaker, she does this by comparing and contrasting English and Japanese grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Her explanations are easy to understand, which makes her teaching style interesting and practical.

Best for: Beginners and intermediate learners in search of a solid basis in English grammar and vocabulary.

2. Bilingirl Chika:

Bilingirl Chika

Chika’s videos have a lively characteristic and a love of language learning. Her unique way combines language study with trips and cultural differences which makes it both fun and informative

She often changes from Japanese to English while providing students with valuable immersion practice.

Best for: Those who want to learn English in a fun way, through exploring different cultures and worldviews.

3. Ask Japanese:

Ask Japanese

The opportunity provided by this channel is unique as we get to listen to real Japanese-speaking individuals on various topics. With Japanese and English captions it is easy to follow the conversation while you are able to learn new words and expressions structurally. It also offers insights into Japanese culture including social issues.

Best for: Intermediate or Advanced learners of the language, interested in better listening comprehension skills, as well as learning about Japanese culture.

4. Rachel and Jun:

Rachel and Jun

Rachel (American) and Jun (Japanese) offer an adorable perspective on cross-cultural communication. The videos represent natural conversations, cultural chasms, and everyday life in Japan. While taking a glance at an intercultural marriage, learners can collect useful vocabulary items along with idiomatic expressions.

Best for: Students at the intermediate level who would like to acquire natural English conversation skills & cultural understanding

5. Learn English with Bob the Canadian:

Learn English with Bob the Canadian

Bob’s approachable teaching style, which is compassionate and tolerant, enables everybody to learn English. His videos are about many different things such as a few words of grammar or useful vocabulary and correct pronunciation. Bob’s explanations are easy to understand and he has an engaging personality that makes him a top choice for beginners.

Best for: Beginners who want to learn the basics of English with a strong emphasis on clear explanations and practical examples.

6. English with Lucy:

English with Lucy

Lucy’s channel is fantastic for learners who want to speak British English fluently because she speaks in a posh British accent with well-structured lessons. Her video covers vast topics like everyday talks, grammar classes, and cultural insights.

Best for: Learners interested in British English who want to improve their pronunciation and vocabulary with a qualified teacher.

7. mmmEnglish


When you go to Emma’s mmmEnglish you will be learning everything about English pronunciation and speaking only. Her videos explain all aspects of language-related sounds and provide practice opportunities for students. She also gives advice on how to overcome some major difficulties faced by Japanese people when they try to speak English correctly.

Best for: People whose pronunciation needs improving and could do with some help with their spoken English.

8. Linguamarina:


Marina’s multilingual heritage and love for languages make her a figure who can be easily identified with and an inspiration to the learners. Her videos contain practical advice, cultural perspectives, as well as motivational messages that will help learners surmount challenges and remain focused on their aspirations in language.

Ideal for: People looking for inspiration and motivation to continue learning languages.

9. Go Natural English:

Go Natural English

For students who would like to sound more native-like in their speech, Gabby concentrates on natural-sounding English through real conversations, slang, and idioms. The videos she makes are entertaining, enabling it to look like learning English is nothing but a natural process of life.

Ideal for: Intermediate/advanced students who wish to enhance their conversational skills and understand natural English usage.


The channel offers lessons across all levels in its structured curriculum. Their videos cover various topics ranging from grammar and vocabulary exercises to insights into cultures as well as pronunciation drills. Being organized through a mixed content basis, it is highly treasured material for any learner seeking comprehensive study experience.

Ideal for: Students desiring an orderly approach that covers everything regarding the learning of language at all stages.

How Do These Channels Address the Specific Challenges Faced by Japanese Learners of English?

These 10 YouTube channels are uniquely equipped to help Japanese learners navigate the specific challenges they encounter when learning English.


Several channels, including Learn Japanese with Misa, English with Lucy, and mmmEnglish, focus on pronunciation, specifically helping Japanese learners overcome English pronunciation difficulties. They offer detailed explanations of English sounds, comparisons to Japanese phonemes, and practice exercises to improve pronunciation accuracy.

Sentence Structure and Grammar:

Language learning channels such as Learn Japanese with Misa and simplify complex grammar rules and structures by breaking them down into easily understandable components. They often juxtapose Japanese and English grammar to emphasize distinctions and facilitate comprehension.

Conversational Fluency:

Channels like Bilingirl Chika, Rachel, and Jun, and Go Natural English are great resources for language learners. They provide opportunities for learners to hear natural English conversations, get exposure to slang and idioms, and learn how native speakers use English in different contexts. This is especially valuable for those looking to supplement their structured learning with more immersive experiences, such as オンライン 英会話 (online English conversation) lessons.

Japanese language resources address cultural understanding (e.g., Ask Japanese, Rachel and Jun) and motivation and support (e.g., Linguamarina, AmazingTalker). These resources help learners avoid misunderstandings and provide a community for support.

Here are some potential drawbacks & limitations of using YouTube for language learning:

  • YouTube can be distracting for learning, so it’s important to create a dedicated study space and use time wisely.
  • Not all channels offer structured courses or high-quality information.
  • It’s essential to actively engage with the content for optimal learning.


Best Practices for Using YouTube to Learn English Effectively

Define what you want to achieve with YouTube. Are you focusing on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or conversational skills? Setting clear goals will help you choose the right channels and videos.

Dedicate regular time to watching and engaging with YouTube videos. Consistency is key to language learning.

Don’t just watch passively. Take notes, repeat phrases out loud, summarize what you’ve learned, and try to use new vocabulary and grammar in your sentences.

Many channels have comment sections, live Q&A sessions, or community forums. Engage with other learners and native speakers to practice your English and get feedback.

Don’t stick to just one channel. Explore different styles and topics to keep your learning fresh and engaging.


Learning English doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By embracing the power of YouTube and utilizing these 10 exceptional channels, Japanese learners can overcome their unique challenges and achieve their language learning goals.

Remember, the key is to be proactive, experiment with different approaches, and find what works best for you. With a little effort and the right resources, you can unlock the full potential of English and confidently communicate with the world.

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